DC Connected

Preparing for the future of automotive maintenance.

DC Connected’s mission is to solve vehicle problems on the road digitally and in an environmentally friendly manner across OEMs. Their plug & play software leverages OEM APIs to facilitate cloud-based remote diagnostics, ensuring vehicles are swiftly returned to driving condition or prepared for subsequent repairs.
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Why we invested

Software errors are the primary cause of car malfunctions today, with 3 billion maintenance events annually from over 1.5 billion connected vehicles. DC Connected offers an over-the-air solution for these issues, which notably benefits fleet operators and insurance companies by boosting efficiency, cutting costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction with a fully digital experience. The founding team of Dennis, who is driven and visionary and Willian, a veteran in Software development, brings in what it takes to solve an existing problem in the market with state-of-theart tech.


Founded 2022 in Germany
Invested since 2023

Founding Team

Dennis Christ (CEO & Co-founder)
Willian Servigna (CTO & Co-founder)


#digitalization #AL/ML #software #Saas

DC Connected


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